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The characteristics and application of EVA MATS
Issuing time:2017-12-07 22:03

I. product overview.

Also called EVA pads, EVA mat is made from EVA foam and two parts, double-sided adhesive, EVA foam as base material, the single side or double side joint domestic oil glue or 3 m, NITTO NITTO, TESA palisade, sand, SONY SONY, big DIC Japan, Hib Hitachi, imported double-sided tape, and then use high precision die cutting machine or punch stamping die cutting and into.

2. Product adhesion.

The enhanced adhesion effect can be obtained by following the following ways:

1. The surface must be cleaned and dried. It is recommended to clean the surface with the mixture of 1:1 IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water. The surface is completely dry.

2. After the cleaning solvent is dry, apply the EVA adhesive tape to the adhesive surface, and apply the pressure of about 15PSI (1.05 kg/cm2) to the roller or other methods to make it effectively bonded.

3. Remove the adhesive tape strip, then attach the adhesive material, and apply the same 15PSI pressure to make it fit effectively. If the bubble is to be removed, the pressure should be increased and the limit of the item can be reached.

4, paste the ideal temperature for 15-38 ℃, not less than 10 ℃.

5. When the adhesive tape is attached, one end should be attached first and then the other end should be pressed to reduce the probability of air bubbles.

3. Product storage.

Stored in the appropriate environmental requirements: temperature is 19-23 ℃, humidity 40-60%.

Iv. Product features.

EVA pads have good elasticity and wear resistance, air tightness and no harm to human body.

Water resistance: sealed bubble hole structure, non-absorbent, moisture proof, good water resistance.

Corrosion resistance: corrosion resistant to grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free.

Shock resistance: resilient and tensile strength, high toughness, good shockproof, anti-skid and buffering performance.

Range of application

EVA pads are the first choice for shock absorbers, buffering and anti-skid of electronics, electrical appliances, high-tech products, home club, toys, metal plastic, printing panel and so on. Are widely used in the prevention of electronic appliances furniture, ceramic glass at the bottom of the wood and metal products, such as by scratching by the friction loss, also can reduce the noise of moving objects produced, compensate for electrical appliances, furniture a rough feet, at the same time to have prevent slippery, shockproof, buffer, and many other benefits.