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Hdpe is an environmentally friendly EVA packaging material
Issuing time:2017-12-07 22:08

There is a kind of environmental protection about edible packing material that is high density polyethylene is environmental protection EVA EVA packing material high density polyethylene packaging material appearance similar to medium pressure polyethylene, white translucent, is harder than the medium pressure polyethylene, low surface gloss, and low pressure polyethylene. Manufacturing thin film using blow molding and T die extrusion process. Overwhelming majority of thin film made by blow molding process, packaging, and in this kind of membrane used to make the food more supply stores, grocery stores use of packaging materials, can also be packing frozen dim sum, natural aquatic processed foods. The film has long used its heat resistance to wrap tofu, raw noodles, office and sports equipment, medicine, steaming hot towels and so on. The articles it wraps are not suitable for long-term storage.

The thin film made by T die extruding is good and easy to be folded.

Characteristics of high density polyethylene; (1) good heat resistance and cold tolerance; Steam - resistant and refrigerated. (2) the air tightness is similar to that of medium pressure polyethylene, with good moisture resistance and moderate oxygen permeability. (3) poor odor isolation and prevention of uv penetration. Shenzhen jirui packaging material professional production and processing of various EVA, EVA molding, EVA carving and other products.